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Dr Sonika Desai is an intuitive, Skilled and brilliant physician! Her knowledge in her area of Ayurveda is so deep that she was able to instantly diagnose my main concern and immediately put me on corrective course.

Prior to this my PCP recommended a lot of steroid and hormonal based medication, in mitigating my ailment. I did not want to go down a pharmacological path. In consulting with Dr Sonika Desai, I took a wholistic approach. Her herbal remedies as well as diet and other lifestyle recommendations, have acted almost immediately and I cannot thank her enough for bringing back my strength and vitality!

I whole heartedly recommend her as an Ayurvedic physician to anyone who needs a wholistic approach to well being.
Jennifer Kanala
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I brought my baby to Dr. Sonika to treat his fungul skin condition. After only one week we saw tremendous difference. He had healed completely leaving only little patches of discoloration that are continuously coming back to normality. Dr. Sonika gave us herbs, oils, and diet changes that worked specifically for my baby. I highly recommend Dr. Sonika as she is highly professional, and caring for her patients. She continues to check on us, continues to give suggestions for our overall health and well being.
Pujal Patel
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I have known Sonika for the past 9 years since the birth of my child. She helped me find my hormonal balance and guided me through the process with a lot of care and expertise. I had a great post partum period under her care. Fast forward to 2019, she again helped me balance my hormones with the right combination of herbs, diet and lifestyle changes. I was balanced and thriving as quickly as 3 weeks. I've been feeling so good with amazing skin, for the first time in my life! I referred her to many friends and they all benefited from her knowledge and guidance including my family members. She is a truly caring doctor and her therapies are extremely effective, be it for healthy skin or for overall well being. Also, I wanted to add that the remedy she gave me for a skin(sebaceous gland) cyst that flared in the midst of craziness of COVID-19 absolutely worked and saved me an emergency room visit! She is the best!!
Karen Loucks
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I was not in a good place physically, emotionally or spiritually when I made an appointment to see Dr Sonika. Upon the first visit she showed me understanding and compassion, trust and caring. I followed all the treatments, diet changes and herbs she recommended and am on my road to a full recovery. There is nothing this amazing woman can't handle.
Laura Galindo
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Dr. Sonika is amazing, she gives you her complete attention and allows you to express your worries and concerns. I have LUPUS and when I first went to see her I was suffering from so much pain due to inflammation, taking over a dozen prescriptions, and suffering from depression and anxiety. Day by day my health is getting better by taking my herbs, meditation, yoga and oil treatments. When I had my first abhyanga treatment I was nervous but she made me feel very relaxed and comfortable.

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