Curry Leaf Chutney

Let us discuss some facts about the curry leaf before I give you the recipe. The curry leaf tree was originally grown in India for its aromatic leaves. It slowly made way to many Asian kitchens because of its amazing and distinct flavor. But there is more to the humble curry leaf than simply flavor. Packed with carbohydrates, fiber, calcium, phosphorous, irons and vitamins like vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin E, curry leaves help your heart function better, fights infections and can enliven your hair and skin with vitality. It has also used as part of folklore medicine to treat calcium deficiency and several other conditions, it is considered to be anti-diabetic, antioxidant, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, anti-carcinogenic, and hepatoprotective (protects the liver).

Health Benefits of Curry Leaves –

1) Helps in Constipation and Nausea (morning sickness) –

According to Ayurveda, curry leaves embrace mild laxative properties that not only help the stomach eliminate waste from the system, but also clears the body of ‘Ama’ (toxic waste) and balances out the pitta levels in the body. Curry leaves helps in increasing digestive secretions and relieve nausea, morning sickness and vomiting.

Tip: Having the juice of curry leaves with fresh lemon juice and sugar will help treat nausea and indigestion.

 2) Good for Diabetes –

Curry leaves have been found to reduce blood glucose levels effectively. They offer protection to insulin-producing cells of pancreas and prevent damage caused by free radicals.

3) Helps in Weight loss Improves digestion-

Curry leaves is known to help improve digestion and alter the way your body absorbs fat, thereby helping you lose weight. Since weight gain is one of the leading causes of diabetes, curry leaves treats the problem right at the root.

4) Eliminates bacteria and helps fight Infections –

Most illness is caused by infections or because of oxidative damage in the body. Curry leaves can be used as an alternative and natural treatment for such infections. Curry leaves are full of carbazole alkaloids which are compounds with antibacterial, anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties. Curry leaves also contain the compound linolol. This compounds gives curry leaves their scent. This compound has bacteria-killing properties. It also helps in eliminating harmful free radicals from the body.

5)  Good for eyesight

Curry leaves are believed to have beneficial effect on eyesight. They prevent early onset of cataract. This primarily because curry leaves are rich in Vitamin A.

6) Lowers cholesterol

Many research shows that curry leaves have properties that can help in lowering one’s blood cholesterol levels. Packed with Carbazole alkaloid, curry leaves prevent the oxidation of cholesterol that forms LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol). This in turn helps in increasing the amount of good cholesterol (HDL) and protects your body from conditions like heart disease and atherosclerosis.

7) Prevents greying of hair

Curry leaves have always been known to help in preventing greying of the hair. It is also very effective in treating damaged hair, adding bounce to limp hair, strengthening the shaft of thin hair, hair fall and treats dandruff.

To increase their consumption, you can munch on dried curry leaves or add fresh or dried curry leaves to your meals. You can also add to your salad or you can make this delicious curry leaf chutney and enjoy.



1 cup fresh curry leaves (can be bought from any Indian grocery store)

– 1tbsp split chickpeas

– 2-3 cloves garlic (optional)

– 1tsp black mustard seeds

– 2-3 dry whole red chilli (optional)

– 2 tsp oil

-1/4 tsp hing/ asafoetida (optional) – effective in Reducing Bloating and other stomach issues.

– 1/4 tsp turmeric

– salt to taste (preferably black salt, it gives it a nice flavor)

Method –

Heat oil in a pan , add the split chickpeas and the black mustard seeds, let it splutter. Then add the dry red chilies, garlic, Hing , turmeric and the curry leaves, roast them on medium flame for 4-5 min. Switch off the flame and let the mix cool. Once cool add the lime juice and grind it into a past by adding as little water as possible.

Store it in a glass container and store it in the refrigerator and you can enjoy it up to one week.

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