Dry Eyes


Dry eyes or Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca is a chronic lack of the water layer of tears which causes sufficient lubrication of the eye. There is generalised decrease in production of tears qualitatively and quantitatively. Our Tears are composed of three layers oily lipid layer, watery layer and mucous layer, problem in any of these layers results in dryness of eyes.

Symptoms of Dry eyes :

Those with Dry Eyes commonly experience persistent dryness, itching and burning of eyes, it may sometimes also be accompanied by pricking pain, redness of eyes and irritation. One  usually has a feeling like ther is a grain of sand in the eyes. Some people may even experience sensitivity towards light and blurred vision.

Causes from Ayurvedic prospective –

According to Ayurvedic prospective Dry eyes is caused by Vata dosha Prakop in the eyes and related anatomical structure of eyes, along with lack of nourishment to the tissues of the eyes which causes diminished flow of tears.

It is a natural ageing process especially due to menopause. Also it can be an adverse effect of medications like decongestants, anti-histamines, anti-depressants, tranquilizers or birth control pills. Dry Eyes can also be experienced in Rheumatoid Arthritis, Allergies and other Eye diseases like incomplete closure of eyelids,etc.

Insufficient blinking of eyes is also one of the reason. Continuous staring at television or computer screen for long hours worsens the condition.

Over consumption of Alcohol and Cigaratte smoking can also cause Dry Eyes.

Living in dry, dusty, windy, and hot climate, or over-exposure to pollution, air conditions, dry heating systems can be the another cause of Dry Eye Syndrome.

Management of Dry Eyes –

Ayurveda shows a natural approach in treating Dry Eye Syndrome. Ayurveda believes in treating the deranged vata. Eyes being the seat of Fire Element (Pitta dosha), can be very well treated with ghee (herbal infused or plain ghee). Ghee has its own nutritional values, it helps in regulating functions of extra-occular muscles, eyelids, and tears. It thus decreases the dryness of the eyes, irritaton and burning sensation prevailing in the eyes.

-Drops of ghee infused with specific herbs are instilled into the eyes.

-A gentle massage with ghee infused with specific herbs over and around the eyes is also beneficial, our skin being permeable absorbs it upto remarkable amount.

-An ayurvedic procedure known as ‘Netra-Tarpan/Basti’ gives miraculous relief from dry eyes, it not only reduces irritation burning and itching sensation, but also imparts nourishment to the eyes.

-Internal and external use of Triphala ghrit soothens and strengthens the eyes.

-Take a spoonful of Triphala powder and add a glass of water to it, leave it over night, strain the liquid the next morning and wash the eyes with the infusion.

-Dip sterile eye pads into rose water or cold milk and place them on both eyes for 10-15mins. Y

-Application of a drop of Honey on the lower eyelid cleanses the eyes by producing tears profusely.

-Nasya with medicated oil or ghee and Gandush (oil pulling) also gives good results.

-Boil Triphala powder in water and reduce it to half, strain and add 1tsp of honey, drink this tea daily as a general tonic for eyes.

*Few changes in our lifestyle can also reflect positively, like

1) Splash eyes with water early in the morning.

2) Use of Humidifiers at our work place or while at home.

 3) Always keep air vents of heaters, air conditioners, hair dryers away from your face, also avoid direct facing towards the fans. 

4) Finally the most important thing is that always take a break from computer screens after a minimum span of 30mins, and blink the eyes often, this helps to spread tears over the surface of eyes.

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