Guide to Choosing the Best Criminal Lawyers in Sydney

Facing criminal charges is a daunting and anxiety-inducing predicament. It brings with it the looming possibility of incarceration, and it can negatively impact your reputation and good name within the community, smear your character, and jeopardise your future prospects regardless of conviction. With the immense complexities that define our criminal justice system and the life-altering outcomes that influence both your liberty and livelihood, ensuring adequate legal representation must be your utmost priority. Hence, it is important to know how to get proper representation for yourself. 

Things to Know When You Look for Best Criminal Lawyers in Sydney

Here are a few tips and things to consider when you’re looking for a Criminal Lawyers Sydney:

  1. Location 

You should consider choosing a lawyer who is close to you. The reason why you should look for a lawyer in close proximity is simple, it allows you to develop a close and face-to-face relationship. Since legal matters are quite complex, and they may take time. A good relationship with your lawyer will help you build trust, which will come in handy as the case progresses.

  1. Area of Law 

When you’re looking for a criminal lawyer, remember to check the streams of law practised by the lawyer. Even if you have found a criminal lawyer, it is essential for them to have experience in the same stream of criminal law. For example, if you have been wrongfully charged with tax crimes or assault, it is essential to find lawyers who have experience in that vertical of law. 

  1. Experience 

Never hire a lawyer without a complete understanding of their experience. It would be ideal to find an attorney who has handled cases that are similar to your own. Most attorneys provide free consultations, so you can inquire about this by meeting them and even check out their firm’s website. Attorneys with several years of experience are preferable, but only if the experience suits your case and your pockets.

  1. Size of the Firm 

When you’re hiring a lawyer, the size of the firm can affect your choice. Bigger firms usually offer better support because they have a team of seasoned lawyers, paralegals and other kinds of resources. Furthermore, bigger firms are usually well-connected and can offer you better overall support. However, in comparison to bigger firms, a smaller or independent lawyer will be able to give you undivided attention. Smaller firms may be more personal and may be less expensive. You are likely to get to know one person from the firm quite well. However, there may not be as extensive an area as if they don’t specialise in the area of law you desire. You should choose according to your requirements.

  1. Cost and Billing 

Cost is a deciding factor when it comes to the attorney you choose. When talking to a lawyer, ask them for a quote for their services and how they bill their clients. Different attorneys charge differently for people. Thus, they may pay charges such as: 

  • Hourly rate: In this case, the lawyer will charge you a total of the hours they work for you, including phone calls, and meetings, which depend on the complexity of your issue. The complexity of the case can be expensive.  
  • Retainer for future fees: As hourly rate solicitors need a retainer at the start to address a certain number of hours. There is no fixed retainer because the attorneys set it. It may be held in a trust record. If the solicitor operates additional hours beyond the retainer, you shall submit any outstanding expenses. 
  • Flat fee: You will pay the money upfront which can be expensive at first about the case but affordable in the long run; a charge depends on the client and matters but be aware.
  • Contingency fee: A client will not be charged if the lawyer loses the case, but if he wins, they keep the percentage of the cash won in the court. The attorney and the customer need to agree on this percentage. 
  • Negotiable fee: Claimants and attorneys can discuss the fee. For example, if they charge at an hourly rate, you may request a charge cap. Or if they charge in the 15-minute session, ask them to charge per 6-minute session. It helps when you need to speak on the case on the phone. Regarding these costs, it’s important to ask whether the fee entails costs because other expenses, such as postage, capture, and trips, may not be included and recovered separately.

Oxford Lawyers: Best Criminal Lawyers in Sydney

When it comes to criminal charges, you need nothing but the best to represent you. Oxford Lawyers work with a team of solicitors, paralegals and lawyers who know exactly how to approach your case and provide you with the best advice. Be it filing or representing you in court, the lawyers here will be your support throughout your case.

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