Jala Neti


Jala Neti is one of the purification techniques of Shatkarma Yoga for cleansing the nasal passage by water (saline water). Jala Neti literally means ‘nasal cleansing’ in Sanskrit.

With the ever increasing incidence of respiratory illness such as asthma, allergies, hay fever, sinusitis, colds, influenzas, etc, the practice of Jalaneti could serve as a panacea for helping to improve the lives of many people as it helps you to get a bacteria free nasal cavity.

In order to understand how neti pots work you must first understand what sinuses are and how they work. Sinuses are air filled cavities within certain bones of your face, adjacent to the nasal cavity, which are lined with moisture-producing mucous membranes. These membranes contain cilia which are small, hair-like structures that beat or pulsate to propel mucus. The mucus rids your sinuses and nasal passages of bacteria, pollens and other pollutants. The mucus that is secreted is often unnoticed and drains down into your nasal passages and back down your nasopharynx (area of the upper throat that lies behind the nose). The mucus, many believe, also contains antibodies to help fight infection. Healthy sinuses are usually sterile and contain no infectious bacteria. 

 Inflammation of your mucous membranes within your sinuses can cause acute sinusitis and this can results in obstruction of the flow of secretions or mucus.  Acute sinusitis may follow or accompany acute or chronic allergic rhinitis. Your nasal passages are your first line of defense trapping large particles and pollutants in the small hairs and mucus in your nostrils. Through proper care of your nasal passages or nostrils, you can help prevent sinusitis. The Ayurvedic  technique of jala Neti was based on the belief of health promotion and disease prevention versus just the treatment of current disease. Today’s research shows that doing Neti with saline water every morning is not only beneficial to postoperative sinus patients but as prevention of sinusitis and allergy symptoms as well. 

Benefits of Jala Neti –

Prevent mucus build up that may cause nasal obstruction and congestion.

Cleans your sinuses of allergens, irritants, and contaminants; improve mucus transport.

Helps in removing dried mucus and crusting; relieve nasal dryness. 

Relieve your allergy and sinus symptoms. 

Promote healthy nasal passages.  

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