Luxurious Living: Curtain Styles That Define Dubai’s Interior Design

Dubai, a city that is famous for its luxurious and extravagant way of life and its magnificent architecture, is the birthplace of the concept of luxury and opulence. The high and mighty homes with the skyscamars and the luxurious apartments are the main areas where interior design is a big factor in making the atmosphere of elegance and sophistication. A of the most important things that define the luxurious living in Dubai, is the choice of curtains. Dubai curtains are a perfect example of the fusion of the old and the new, with traditional Arabic styles and the latest innovations.

The Dubai, are a people who are lifestyle of prosperous living

Dubai is a fusion of different cultures, where the old Arabian influences perfectly combine with the new way of living. The city’s colorful ambiance is shown in its interior design that is so carefully selected and designed that it exudes luxury and elegance. The curtains are the ones which have the most impact on the ambiance of a place thus they play the most important role and at the same time provide both aesthetic and functional aspects.

Importance of curtains in interior design is the fact that they are the main decorative elements in the interior of the room which according to the designers are used for both aesthetic and practical purposes.

Curtains are not just window coverings but also a part of interior design, being an important element that contributes to the overall look and ambiance of a room. In Dubai, where the harsh desert climate and the plenty of sunshine are the main difficulties of the region, curtains are the most important tool in providing privacy, controlling the light, and the regulation of the temperature.

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Traditional Arabic Curtain Styles

Majlis-inspired Curtains

The majlis, which is one of the most famous elements of the Arabian kitchen, is a room that is usually used for welcoming guests. People are always served with the warmth and the hospitality in the majlis. Traditional Arabic curtains, which are created based on the specific Arabic culture, have typically been made of rich fabrics, intricate patterns, and elaborate embroidery that give them a sense of the grandeur and the luxury.

Arabic Calligraphy Embroidery

Arabic calligraphy is a rich source of cultural values for the Middle East which is regarded as an art of spiritual significance due to its beautiful aesthetic form. In the interior design of Dubai, curtains made with Arabic calligraphy embroidery become a symbol of sophistication and cultural authenticity, characterizing the traditional and heritage of the living spaces, and making a statement that is so much related to the culture and tradition.

Modern Dubai Curtain Trends

Sheer Elegance: Floor-to-Ceiling Curtains

Nowadays, in Dubai apartments, floor-to-ceiling curtains are the symbol of luxury and refinement. These long curtains not only give the impression of luxury but also make the rooms look bigger and more spacious. Instead of choosing opaque fabrics, one should choose sheer fabrics that let the natural light pass through, therefore, the room will be lit with a soft, heavenly glow.

Metallic and Glitzy Fabrics

The love of Dubai for the luxurious choice of fabrics for curtains is shown in the fact that the metallic and shiny textures are used the most. From silken to metallic-threaded textiles, these fabrics with a shiny and glamourous look exude a sense of drama and luxury to the interior spaces and thus, making the overall aesthetic to be raised and creating a sense of luxury.

Installing Motorized Curtains for Smart Homes is an emerging trend that will revolutionize the way people live.

Nowadays, the era of the smart technology, motorized curtains combine the advantages of the convenience and luxury in a smooth way. In the modern residences of Dubai, automated curtain systems are used to control the curtains by a click of a button or by voice commands, thus, adding a bit of sophistication to interior design while at the same time, they also serve the purpose of making the living conditions more comfortable and convenient.

Fusion Styles: The coexistence of the old and the new in the urban architecture is a characteristic of the trend, which creates the ambience of the traditional culture with the style of the modern life.

Desert-Inspired Minimalism

The wooden or bamboo curtains designed in a minimalist style have been inspired by the desert landscape, whose soothing beauty is now alluring in Dubai’s contemporary interior design. Slim lines, neutral colors, and natural textures bring about a feeling of peace and harmony, thus producing a space that is both elegant and welcoming.

Incorporating Ornate Patterns

Although the mainstream design scene in Dubai today is characterized by modernity, there is a rise in the usage of ornate patterns that are taken from traditional Arabic motifs, thus creating a blend between the old and the new. The geometric designs of the curtains or the floral patterns are the signs of the rich cultural heritage the country has to offer. These ornamental curtains are the best ways to create a multicultural living space with the city’s history of multiculturalism.

The factors to be pondered when selecting the curtains in Dubai are the following:

Climate Adaptability

By considering Dubai’s scorching summers and mild winters, it is important to choose curtains that provide thermal insulation and UV protection. Lighter fabric used during summer months helps to keep the interiors cool, while heavier drapes are used during the winter season, thus, making the interiors warm and cozy.

Privacy and Light Control

Dubai being a city with a vibrant cityscape and streets that are bustling, privacy is the main concern for residents. Curtains with blackout or sheer designs give room owners the opportunity to find the ideal mix of privacy and natural light, thus, they can have a home that is intimate and comfortable at the same time, which will also express their individual style and preferences.


In the world of the Dubai luxurious living, the curtains have a multifaceted role in the shaping of the interior spaces’ ambiance. The choice of curtains range from the old Arabic style to the new innovations, it is an indication of the mix of the heritage and the up-to-date way of life, therefore, it adds the feeling of the luxury and the classiness to the residential interiors. Whether it is the luxurious floor-to-ceiling drapes or the simple desert-inspired minimalism, Dubai’s curtain styles are the city’s way of saying “this is how we should design our interiors, where tradition and modernity are blending into one perfect unity”.


What are the trending traditional Arabian curtain styles in Dubai?

The Arabic curtain styles in Dubai that are based on Majlis fittings and those with Arabic calligraphy embroidery are the traditional ones, which show the city’s cultural heritage.

The motorized curtains give the United Arab Emirates’ residences the luxury that is characteristic of Dubai.

Motorized curtains are the ones to make your life easier and at the same time to add sophistication to your house which gives you more sense of luxury in the interior design.

What are the aspects that I should take into consideration if I want to choose the curtains for my Dubai home?

The facts like climate adaptability, privacy, and light control are the main points when choosing the curtains for a Dubai housed.

Do the wall-to-wall curtains have a popularity in Dubai?

Yes, floor-to-ceiling curtains are a popular option in Dubai’s extravagant houses, thus imbuing a feeling of magnificence and elegance to the interior spaces.

What are the ways to blend the typical Arabic motifs with the contemporary curtain designs?

The most effective method to add cultural richness to modern curtain styles in Dubai is by using the ornate patterns and geometric designs which are inspired by the traditional Arabic motifs.

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