More About Vudu Streaming Service

As both a digital rental and purchase outlet and a free streaming service, covers two major areas of modern on-demand viewing. It’s a go-to resource for anyone looking to rent a movie to watch right away, without trying to figure out if that particular title is available on any number of subscription streaming services.

It’s also a place for movie and TV fans to build up their digital libraries, with permanent access to any movies and TV episodes they purchase. Vudu also works with Movies Anywhere to share digitally-purchased movies across multiple platforms, including Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, and more, so that movies purchased at one digital store can be viewed on any participating platform.

On the free streaming side, Vudu offers a rotating lineup of movies and TV episodes that can be watched without a subscription, although it doesn’t include any original content. The free section includes ads that can’t be fast-forwarded and is similar to free ad-supported streaming services like Tubi and Pluto TV. integrates its paid and free offerings so that if you’re searching for a particular movie or TV show, you can easily see what options are available for viewing, and opt to watch the free version with ads instead of paying for a rental or purchase.

Thanks to Vudu’s integration with Fandango, users looking for movies in theaters on the Fandango site can also see if any of those movies are available for rental or purchase on Vudu, making the combined service a one-stop resource for multiple types of movie-watching.

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