Rare Breed Triggers Addresses Recent Court Decision on FRT-15 Sales
Rare Breed Triggers

[Fargo, ND] Rare Breed Triggers, a pioneer in firearm innovations, is responding to the recent legal ruling by a federal judge in New York regarding the sale of their FRT-15 triggers.

Navigating Legal and Regulatory Challenges

The landscape of regulations concerning trigger mechanisms, especially those enhancing firing rates, remains intricate and subject to change. The FRT-15, up to the latest update, adheres to federal guidelines for semi-automatic triggers. However, buyers must stay abreast of the trigger’s legal status in their jurisdiction, given the potential variance in state laws.

Rare Breed Triggers has consistently prioritized compliance with federal laws and regulations.

Their FRT-15 triggers, designed to augment the functionality of AR-15-style rifles, have been at the center of a legal dispute regarding their classification under federal law.

On [Date], a federal judge issued a preliminary ruling temporarily halting the sale of FRT-15 triggers. This decision follows claims by the U.S. government that these devices might be perceived as converting semi-automatic firearms into machine guns, which are subject to stringent regulations under U.S. law. The court implied that consumers may have been misled about the legality of these devices, a contention Rare Breed Triggers respectfully disputes. The company has consistently provided clear information on their products, relying on expert opinions and exhaustive analysis of existing regulations.

While deeply disappointed by this temporary setback, Rare Breed Triggers’ legal team emphasizes that this is an early ruling in the legal process. They are currently evaluating their next steps and remain committed to vigorously defending their products and rights under the law.

Innovation within Legal Bounds

Rare Breed Triggers was founded on the principle of innovation within legal constraints. Their FRT-15 triggers were developed with meticulous attention to legal standards and in consultation with former officials from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF). They contest the current interpretation that these devices qualify as machine guns and are prepared to mount a robust defense in court.

Customer Safety and Legal Compliance

Customer safety and legal compliance are paramount for Rare Breed Triggers. They acknowledge the concerns raised by this ruling among users and stakeholders and are fully committed to resolving the matter favorably while maintaining the high standards of innovation, safety, and legal compliance they set for themselves.

Rare Breed Triggers appreciates the support and patience of their customers and the broader community as they navigate this challenging period. They pledge to provide updates as the situation unfolds and remain dedicated to upholding the rights of firearm owners and enthusiasts nationwide.

ATF Position and Legal Considerations

Rare Breed Triggers has proactively engaged with the legal complexities surrounding their product. The FRT-15 trigger has faced scrutiny, leading to legal confrontations aimed at clarifying its status within federal regulations. Prospective buyers are advised to review the latest legal outcomes and ATF updates before purchasing the FRT-15 trigger.

State-Specific Considerations

Given the significant variation in gun laws across states, prospective owners must verify the legality of the FRT-15 trigger within their state to avoid potential legal repercussions.

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