Significance and Benefits of wearing Toe Rings

Acupressure has been practiced in India since ancient times and so is wearing toe rings. Toe rings worn by a woman signify that she is married. A toe ring is a made out of metal like silver for its known benefits for the human body and is worn on the second toe of the feet.

While toe rings are known to have incredible social and religious significance, not a lot is known about the health benefits associated with these silver rings.

So let me share a few health benefits of wearing toe rings –

1) As per Ayurveda, the nerve on the second toe of the feet is connected directly to the uterus of the woman. So, a slight pressure (caused by wearing the toe ring) is known to help the reproductive system of the woman and also regulate the menstrual cycle. It ensures a healthy uterus which inturn ensures a healthy pregnancy.

2)  Silver being a good conductor, when you walk on the earth wearing the silver toe rings they polarizes all the positive energy from the earth and transfer it to your body.

3) Silver toe rings are worn to retain the effect of the Moon. The Moon calms our mind and heart and gives us coolness and calmness.

4) According to Ayurveda, the rings create a pressure on the women’s sciatic nerve which accelerates the blood circulation due to which the blood flow from her uterus to naval ( nabhi ) remains normal.

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