What is Integrity Testing?

Integrity is an essential part of the corporate culture. So if employees do not exhibit character and honesty, then the organisation can go through various kinds of scandals and scams. Hence, a dishonest and unreliable employee can take down the entire organization with him. Nowadays, with all the intellectual property caveats, privacy concerns, and customer safety problems, organizations need to ensure that they hire employees with high integrity. As per top psychologists India, integrity testing helps in determining the quality and character of the employee.

There are psychometric tests by psychologists in Chennai, India which aim to measure the integrity of employees and possible employees. In addition, our integrity testing methodology What is Integrity Testing? one of the best in the industry. It helps to evaluate the honesty and reliability of employees or possible employees.

We measure the following qualities in a person through Integrity Testing

1. Measure Self Control through Integrity Testing

Behaviors and actions concerning the values that he holds in high regard. In addition, it measures a individual’s capacity to take ownership for his behavior, in this manner that he can be regarded as trustworthy and dependable.


Integrity testing measures how well a person can resist everyday temptations in the office. Furthermore, it helps understand a worker’s possible inclination to engage in counterproductive work behaviors such as abuse of office equipment or stationery, claiming more allowance than spent and so forth.


Integrity testing measures an Individual’s devotion and commitment to the organization. How connected he feels into the business enterprise, and if he believes himself to be part of the organisation. In addition, it measures whether a person would maintain that loyalty in the face of obstacles and problems.

4.Ethics and Values

This variable forms the basis of an individual’s overall integrity. A person with a high score on this subtest will put a higher value on the above-mentioned traits and believes that these are the guiding principles of someone’s behaviour and activities.

Applications of Integrity Testing

Helps organisations sieve out employees according to their degree of ethics.

Help reduce the business’s prices by identifying people that are likely to engage in counterproductive behaviour.

Helps to get an in-depth knowledge of oneself and also the significance of integrity at the workplace.

Who could use Integrity Testing?

This tool can be used by individuals, small and large organisations. So, any individual or firm who would like to hire a person with high integrity values can use this tool.

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