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Barcode Label

In today’s fast-paced business of logistics and retail labels. For barcode label play an important role in the management of inventory and tracking. For companies operating in Pakistan. Who are looking to buy stickers for barcode labels on Daraz. finding the best item at a reasonable cost is vital. In this thorough guide, we’ll go over all you need to know regarding barcode labeling. Their costs in Pakistan and where to find the perfect prices on Daraz.

Understanding Barcode Labels:

Before we get into the details of prices. We need to know the significance of barcode labels and the reason why they’re crucial. Barcode labels are stickers with distinctive designs of black lines and spaces that contain data. When they’re scanned with an electronic barcode scanner. They contain information like the details of the product, prices and inventory numbers.

Factors Affecting Barcode Label Prices:

A variety of factors affect the cost of barcode labels and sticker roll in Pakistan:

  1. Material Barcode labels can found in diverse materials like polyester, paper and vinyl. Each material comes with specific attributes and pricing points.
  2. size and shape The size as well as the shape influence the cost of its production. Larger labels and custom-designed shapes could be more expensive.
  3. Quantity Purchases in bulk typically result in lower prices per unit.
  4. Printer Method Barcode labels can printed. With various methods like print on thermal paper or by inkjet. Each with their own price consequences.
  5. Durability Labels that designed to withstand harsh conditions or outdoor. It use can cost more due to their features of durability.

Barcode Labels Sticker Roll Price in Pakistan:

In Pakistan the cost of labels with barcodes can differ based on the variables. that mentioned earlier. On Daraz one of the top online marketplaces in Pakistan. There is many barcode labels at affordable prices.

For example for a roll of 1,000 standard barcode labels made of paper (size: 2.25″ x 1.25″). It could vary from PKR 500 up to 1000 PKR, based on the quality and price.

If you’re in search of more durable alternatives like vinyl or polyester labels. The prices can increase by PKR 1500 or higher for the roll of 1000 labels.

Tips for Finding the Best Deals on Daraz:

Let’s look at some ideas to benefit you locate the perfect prices on barcode label stickers. Daraz:

  1. Comparing Prices Use Daraz’s search and filter features to compare prices. Between various sellers. Search for promotions and discounts.
  2. Read reviews Read product reviews and reviews. To assure the product’s quality is in line with your expectations.
  3. Review Seller Ratings Select sellers with excellent scores and good feedback. In order to assure quality and reliability.
  4. Find bundle deals Some sellers offer discounts or bundles on large purchases. Use these deals to save cash.
  5. Use coupons and vouchers Pay attention on Daraz coupon codes or coupons. That could provide you with more discounts on purchases.


Barcode label are essential for companies in Pakistan. To warrant efficient inventory management and tracking. When buying barcode labels stickers rolls from Daraz. It is important to think about factors. Such as the material, size and endurance to obtain the accurate price for your money.

Following the suggestions outlined in this article You can get high-quality barcode label. For sale at a reasonable price on Daraz and help your company streamline. Its processes in order to increase efficiency. No matter if you’re a smaller retailer or a huge manufacturing facility. The acquiring correct barcode labels. It is crucial for success today’s highly competitive market.

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